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Pleased to inform you that as usual, Synergi Ravelino Tours & Travel will participate again at FITUR MADRID 2018.
we will be at the fair from17 to 21 Jan 2018.

Our Director Mr. Yulhendry  will be happy to meet you at Indonesia Pavilion.

For more details regarding to setting an appointments please kindly contact on: or call: (+62) 61 7352981 or (+62) 811651399 at any convenient time for you.

Thank you very much and hoping to see you in Madrid.

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Vakantiebeurs 2018

Dear Customers, travel partners, tour operators and travel agencies,

Pleased to inform you that as usual, Synergi Ravelino Tours & Travel will participate again at the Vakantiebeurs 2018 which will be held in Utrecht, the Netherland from 09 January to 14 January 2018.

Our Director Mr. Yulhendry  will be happy to meet you at Indonesia Pavilion.

For more details regarding setting an appointments please kindly contact on: or call: (+62) 61 7352981 or (+62) 811651399 at any convenient time for you.

Synergi Ravelino Tours & Travel will come to Vakantiebeurs with a lot of new tour product with a very special price.
Thank you very much and hoping to see you in Utrecht.

Looking forward to see you in Utrecht.

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 Hoi Yulhendry,

 Hoe gaat het met je?

Klanten THEIJSSEN hebben een leuk reisverhaal geschreven dat vanaf vandaag op onze website staat

 Ze hebben genoten!

 Groetjes uit Rotterdam,

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Afdeling Maatwerk

09 Nov 2014

A relaxing one-hour drive from the bustling market of Bukittinggi in the province of West Sumatra lies the beautiful Harau Valley, - or sometimes called the Arau valley - where lush green ricefields are hemmed in between huge granite cliffs. Here dozens of waterfalls tumble down from 80 to 300 meters height into the valley below, cut by the Batang Arau River. No wonder, therefore, that the Harau Valley is sometimes known as the Yosemite of Indonesia.  

Here gibbons and macaques and a variety of wildlife still roam freely as this area in the Lima Puluh Kota district has actually been designated a nature conservation, covering some 669 acres. Its beautiful landscape, its peaceful serenity interrupted only by the calls of the macaques and the chirping of birds, make the Harau Valley the perfect holiday getaway.

Here one waterfall is named the Bunta Waterfall or locally called Sarasah Bunta that pours down fresh water from the highlands with three other waterfalls nearby. It was first visited in 1926 by a Dutch mayor. A carved stone indicating the year when the mayor visited the waterfall is still there expressing the beauty of this valley. Other the waterfalls are called the Akar Barayun, Sarasah Luluh, and Sarasah Murai.

One  theory has it that the Harau Valley came into being as a result of a tectonic fracture on an ancient land, with parallel rivers running through it. As one part of the land sank, while the other rose, the waterways broke, and waterfalls eventually ensued from the spillways above the rocky hills. Local scientists believe that this theory may prove to be true.

On the other hand, German geologists who had conducted a study here found that the huge granite rocks found in the area are in fact identical to those found on the ocean bed. Thus, there is now another theory that the valley may have once laid at the bottom of the ocean.

Public transportation is available for those wishing to spend the entire vacation time in and around Bukittinggi. Else, renting a minivan or a motorbike will guarantee the time well spent for day trippers to these Minangkabau highlands.

08 Nov 2014
Ketambe is the jumping off point for trekking into the Gunung Leuser National Park, which is listed as a World Heritage site in combination with two other national parks in Sumatra, Kerinci Sablat and Bukit Barisan Selatan.
Tangkahan Tangkahan - The Hidden Paradise in Sumatra

Tangkahan is well-known as the hidden paradise of Gunung Leuser National Park. This place is an Ecotourism area in the Langkat District, North Sumatra. The peaceful jungle retreat is located along the Kuala Buluh River next to the dense rainforest, just 2.5 hours far from Bukit Lawang driving on a bumpy road through palm oil plantations and rural villages.
The two villages framed the Tangkahan area Namo Sialang and Sei Serdang village, with the estimated population of 7,433. Livelihood of the villagers are mostly by farming, oil palm, nature rubber, sweet oranges and limes are some of the main local corps commodity. It is the perfect place to lay back from strong traveling and spend a memorable time with seven rehabilitated adult Sumatran elephants and a few small calves who work together with the rangers to patrol the rainforest.
This tiny, remote village was practically built on the logging trade in the 1980s and 1990s, because the people became aware of the damages by such activity. They collectively decided to stop illegal logging and transform the area into a functional, self-sustained ecotourism destination. So in April 2001 the community banded together to form the Tangkahan Tourism Organisation (Lembaga Pariwisata Tangkahan Ė LPT) and fixed regulations prohibiting the exploitation of the surrounding rainforest. So the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) was born Ė a team of Sumatran elephants and their mahouts that helps safeguard the national park to protect it from encroachment. When its bath time at the elephant camp on the outskirt of Gunung Leuser National Park tourists are allowed and charged to help. By joining the elephants by their afternoon bathing or taking a trek on an elephant you will support this local initiative.
Riding elephants are arranged jointly by local communities, the national park authorities, and local and International NGOís. All profits are used for community development, social programs and nature conservation. The elephants originate from areas where human encroachment on elephant land has caused conflicts, causing the wild elephants to lose their habitat and forcing the authorities to round them up and move them to government camps. The elephants are among the few to have been tIn the year of 1994, this very area was one of the illegal logging exit points out of national park. The robbing was done in view of the matters that the price of lumber were soaring high by that time. Along with the illegal logging incident, local visitor were starting to realize the beauty of this yet another Indonesian paradise. Itís beautiful scenery with itís virgin forest and crystal river are the Batang serangan River and Buluh River.
unexpectedly, the crowds of visitor have given yet other alternative incomes for the local people. Thus, has succeeded in broadening peopleís perception and knowledge about the forest itself. Apparently, the forest ( the national park ) can give far more valuable earning that illegal logging action.
Located near the border of the Park, Tangkahan Village is becoming an exemplary site of community-based ecotourism. Within this pilot project, former illegal loggers have learned to become trekking guides. Gaining their livelihood from the beauty of the forest, they are now the best guardians of its natural wonders.
The Gunung Leuser National Park in North Sumatra is a hidden paradise, one of the last places you can experience the rainforest at itís best. Majestic trees, thick lush tropical vegetation interspersed with beautiful rivers, waterfalls, caves combine to make this one of the most beautiful places on earth. This is also home for many endangered animals such as the Sumatran orangutan, the Sumatran tiger and the Sumatran elephant, to name but a few, and also reptiles and amphibians such as frogs and snakes. If you are lucky, you will see them in forest.
It is also the only place in Indonesia where you can venture into the jungle on the back of your own elephant, exploring parts of the rainforest that would be difficult to reach otherwise. This is the place to come if you want a truly exclusive and unique experience combining rainforest exploration with camping and above all with riding elephants.
Many families spend their weekends with an excursion or picnic. There are many options that can give peace to yourself or family. Tangkahan is one attraction that can give peace. Not only is the freshness of the mountain air, the beauty of the hill ranks and captive elephants while in the daily attraction visited by foreign tourist. Thurs can also enjoy the beauty of some of the surrounding waterfalls and several caves that make us want to explore its depths.  (

Drive from Hotel about 45 minutes to a village call Koto Baru where you start bicycle passing small road to several villages on the slope of Merapi Mountain where it is a nice spot to enjoy the fantastic view, where you can see the town of Bukittinggi, rice field terrace and visiting place where people working on making knife, axe, swords etc traditionally.

Stop will be made at coffee shop in the villages where you can get contact with local people during drinking coffee, tea etc and even it is possible to visit the house of local people or try working on the rice field with farmers.


The bicycle tour will be finish in the afternoon when you are arrival at your hotel, after take a rest you may enjoy swimming at your hotel.



DAY 1.AIPORT / MEDAN - HOTEL  ( Tiara / Soechi Hotel ) * * * *
Upon arrival at Polonia airport pick up by our tour guide and then transfer to hotel, the rest of the day free at own leisure.

DAY 2. MEDAN  - BUKIT LAWANG ( Echolodge Bukit Lawang Cottage) B
After breakfast drive to  Bukit Lawang, it will take about 3,5 hours driving, on the way stop at several plantation for rubber and palm oil, visiting traditional village at Kuala and arriving at Bukit Lawang check in to hotel.  After a short rest at the hotel walking trough the bank of the river and then crossing the river by traditional canoe and walking up to the jungle to reach the feeding place of Orang Utan, after visiting Orang Utan on their afternoon feeding time, where you can see how is the ranger call the Orang Utan down from the trees and feed them with fruit and milk. After feeding time of Orang Utan  return to hotel.

After early breakfast at hotel, prepare for your jungle expedition from Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan, the trekking will starting by visiting Orang Utan at their feeding place during morning feeding time, after feeding time of Orang Utan start tracking deeper in the jungle, during the tracking you will be accompanied by ranger and local guide. During the tracking the possibility to see several kind of flora and fauna at Leuser National park, such as several varieties of birds, monkeys, wild pigs, wild orchids and a lot kind plants and big trees. The tracking will take about 6 hours. During the tracking will provide picnic lunch box and dinner will cooked by our tour guide and ranger. Arrival at Landak River, your guide and ranger will prepare the tent for overnight. In the evening there is a possibility to hear the sound of night animal.
After enjoying breakfast prepared by our tour guide and ranger, prepare to continue the exploration, this second day will take approximately 6 hours walking in the jungle and crossing several small river, where the opportunity to see and observe several kind of animal such as reptiles and other kind of animal and varieties of flora of tropical rain forest. Afternoon arrival at Aras Pinang prepare for camping on the bank of the river. Lunch and dinner will provide by tour guide.

After breakfast prepared by tour guide continue tracking. This day the tracking will also take about 6 hours, where the tracking will take to the direction of Kerapu river. During the tracking the opportunity to see more wild monkeys, birds and wild Orang Utan. The tracking will also take about 6 hours. Arrival at Kerapu river overnight at Tent or temporary shelter. Lunch and dinner provided by tour guide

After breakfast prepared by our tour guide continue tracking to Musam river, the route will take trough the forest and feel more adventures. The tracking will take about 6 hours and afternoon will arrive at temporary camp built near Musam river, overnight at temporary camp or tent.

After breakfast continue walking to Tangkahan, the route will take trough the jungle and then going out from the jungle and passing several plantations and villages. The opportunities to get contact with local people and to experience the daily life of local people. The tracking will take about 6 hours. Arrival at Tangkahan check in to Mega In / Bamboe river guest house. In the evening enjoying and interested farewell dinner with tracking team crew. Special traditional food menu will provided.

DAY 8 EXPLORE TANGKAHAN ? (Mega Inn/Bamboe river ) B,L,D
After spending extended time learning about the natural wonders of Sumatra, today we aim to learn and understand how the wildlife and local villages live side by side. We will enjoy an elephant ride along and often through the river and see how valuable these gentle animals are in so many aspects of life in the jungle and around huge river systems. We will then enjoy a tubing trip down river and see the jungle from an entirely different aspect, the river. After walking for a few days it is nice to be pulled along in the gentle currents of the river. After lunch we will have the opportunity to visit a local school and meet the kids.

Transfer to the Gunung Leseur National Park Rainforest Rehabilitation project. We will spend the day here witnessing the rehabilitation program that your fundraising has helped to fund. In the afternoon transfer back to the Orangutan Information Centre in Medan for an information session on the project. Being our last night in Sumatra, tonight we can enjoy a celebratory farewell dinner.

After breakfast we transfer to Medan International Airport.
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