Places of Interest in Bangkaru Island, Aceh, North Sumatra
Pulau Bangkaru, the second biggest island in Pulau Banyak, is a magic island. Having seen Pulau Bangkaru, you will change your references to what beauty is! Untouched jungles, pristine beaches and the amazing turtles. The only people living on this big island was the turtle egg poachers. Today it is only a few guards and researchers.

Every night, all year round, Green Turtles lay eggs, mainly on the Amandangan beach. Green turtles have over 1m long shells and weigh over 200kg. Between November and March there are also a few Leatherback turtles laying eggs. Almost 2m long and 500kg heavy! Now and then also Hawksbill Turtles also come up.

The only way to see the turtles on Pulau Bangkaru is through YPB (Yayasan Pulau Banyak, or the Pulau Banyak Foundation). The reason for this are several:

YPB has an agreement with the authority responsible for all national parks and protected areas (KSDA). To avoid disturbing the conservation, research and monitoring work, as much as possible, but still accommodate the turtle beach as a tourist attraction.
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