Places of Interest in Pare Pare, Sulawesi

Pare Pare is the second biggest cities in South Sulawesi after
Makasar city, which has strategic location. Pare-pare is a lunch stop
along the road from Ujung Pandang to Toraja, through paddy fields and
typical Bugis houses made of wood and bamboo, built on stilts. This city
is located in the middle of South Sulawesi province and the side of
Makasar strait. Its topography is coastal and hilly area. The wide area
of Pare-pare city is 99,33 Km2, about 155 km from Makasar city.
Geographically, Pare-pare city located at 03o 57' 39” - 03o 57' 39”
South latitudes and 119o 36' 24” - 119o 43' 40” east longitudes. The
boundaries of Pare-pare city is:

North Side: Pinrang regency

East Side: Sidrap regency

South Side: Barru regency

West Side: Makasar strait


The capital town of Wajo Regency is well known for its silk
weaving and therefore is the center of Buginese silk. The Buginese
ethnic group, known for their crossing to other islands as traders of
silk, sarongs and other material, populates this area. Here we can find
lake Tempe, one of the tourist resorts. Sailing and boating can be
enjoyed on this lake


Soppeng is one of the beautiful towns in South Sulawesi and has wide area authority of the other local kingdoms. It is proof with the Bugis inscription that is “Lontara”. The most characteristic of this town is the existence of bats. Hang on of the trees without take noticed the traffic around them.

Soppeng is another center of the silk industry, this spinning mill produces thread from silk worms. Weaving can be seen in many private homes along this route, which is 240 km to the northeast of Ujung Pandang. The finest silk is hand-loomed by village women who individually need a whole month to produce two meters of silk. Visitors are welcome to stop and watch, or make a purchase if there is any readily available.


236 km to the north of Ujung Pandang, you can see beautiful landscapes
at Bambapuang, located 20 km from Enrekang to the north on the way to
Tana Toraja. Here can be seen an erotic mountain called Batu Kabobong,
by its shape formed by the valley and slopes. A rest house is built on
an elevation, giving a clear view of the countryside.

Polewali - Mamasa

Polewali is the capital town of Polmas Regency located 246 km north of
Ujung Pandang. Mandarnese, Buginese, Torajans and Javanese ethnic groups
inhabit it. This town is well known for its silk sarongs, which is
called "Sarung Mandar" and rattan furniture and crafts. There are
several small islands to be reached by fishing boats in 10- 16 minutes.
All these islands have white sandy beaches.

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