Places of Interest in Makassar - Ujung Pandang, Sulawesi
Makassar - is the major towns of South Sulawesi Province. Makassar ( Ujung Pandang) is a large,  and crowded port city as the  links between eastern and western Indonesia. Makassar offers an introduction to Sulawesi's largest ethnic group, the Bugisnese , who continue to export their goods and presence well beyond Sulawesi in Pinisi. The city has a long and distinguished history as a crucial trading port and coastal defense.

Visits Makassar with  Fort Rotterdam which is two museums inside the fort area keep historical remains of Gowa Kingdom, Paotere harbor is a traditional for Pinisi boat or any wooden boat are load and unload their goods, Museum Balla Lompa in Gowa, Losari Beach with beatifull sunset, and Diving or snorkeling at  Samalona, Kodingareng Keke, Kayangan island.
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