Places of Interest in Poso, Sulawesi

Poso is the city main port and port town and terminal in north coast
Central Sulawesi region. For tourist, Poso is sojourn town (transit)
before continue the journey to some tourism locations around Poso for
example to the beach or to Ampana for then join with others ship towards
to Togean Island. However, Poso self is pleasing town for a take a rest
before continue the journey.

Poso is a regular small town, and you can go wherever you want
in this town only by feet. Poso Downtown located in Sumatera Street and
the around area which has a number of hotels, restaurant and shop area.

Around Poso

There are some interesting locations to visit around Poso
especially for they who like to swim or snorkeling; one of them is
Madale Beach, which is located about 5 Km in east Poso. Farther
easterly, at 20 Km from Poso, there is Matako Beach with the white shore
sand, While, Toini Beach is located about 7 Km from Poso to west. This
beach is very popular because there are a number of restaurants that
present delicious sea dish. This third beach can reach with public
vehicle (machinery trishaw) from terminal near to market Poso.

About 40 Km from Poso eastwards there is Tombiano that have big
cave that dwelt of bat; in Maranda which is located about 47 West km
Poso there is cascade as well as source of hot wellspring where visitor
can swim; Tampenaporo Cave located in 22 Km in south Poso, in road
towards to Tentena. For visit this location of the cave and waterfall
you can join with others common vehicle from terminal Poso to
appropriate purpose, and ask the driver to reduce you in location that
being gone.

Lembomawo located about 4 Km in south Poso and known as crafting
center of woodcarving ebony. To reach this place you can join with
others machinery trishaw from terminal Poso and downwards in Lembomawo.
From Lembomawo you can walk (4 Km) to Ranononucu through two
drawbridges. Here there are a lot of shops that sell ebony.

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