Places of Interest in Lombok, West & East Nusa Tenggara

Lombok Places to Visit

The Gili Islands

Three perfect coral islands, fringed with white sands and
swaying palm trees, lay in the sparkling ocean just off the north west
coast of Lombok Indonesia. For many years the Gilis have attracted
visitors from arround the world for their pristine waters, great diving,
relaxing holiday, snorkelling, party, laid back charm and much more..

The word of GILI means Small island so these islands are
well known as Te Gilis by travellers, who have long considered them to
be at least equal to the appeal of Thailand's and India's south coast.
Over the past decade, each of the three islands has developed a unique
personality or style, catering to different types of holiday makers and

There is no cars or motor bikes on the islands and the only
mean transport are horse cart, locally known as cidomo. In other word
are the perfect gateway for individual travellers, families,
honeymooners, sun seekers or thoose who seek for a total relaxing

Mt. Rinjani National Park

Mt. Rinjani is the second highest peak in Indonesia and is a
part of celebrated Ring of Fire. For the people of Lombok Sasak and
Balinese a like, treated the mountain is a sacred place. They consider
the Gods live at the top of the mountain. Segara Anak crater lake is the
destination of thousand pilgrims who place offering in the water and
take bathe to take away disease in the hot spring. The endemic duck
Belibis is found here and several species of fish are recorded.

A model for echo tourism in Indonesia, It is trully an
unforgetable experience to climb such impressive mountain as Rinjani and
the 2 trek expeditions that offered and the spectacular scenery cwere
contributing factors to Tinjani National Park winning the National
Geographic World Tourism Award in 2004.

Starting point for such a trek can begin at Senaru in the
north ( or from Sembalun from the east), this three days trek attracts
Rinjani from the west with a descent to awesome crater lake before again
climbing up and out and on to summit.

Kuta Beach and South Coast Lombok

The south coast of Lombok commonly known as the Kuta region.
The bay of Kuta are are famous for the legend of Pantai Putri Nyale,
cristal clear water, gorgeous white sandy beach and the fabolous surfing

For those who look quiter places for holiday this area seem
are good as the area are less bussy than the other tourism area on
Lombok. There are various accommodations, its range from luxurious for
star of Novotel hotel to the simple of Mimpi Manis home stay. However
the big project are planned already to develop the south coast and kuta
area. Surfing, swimming and laze under the sun shine are famoust
activities, surfing on this area offer unforgetable experience as the
most repeater surfer from all over the world back visited Kuta and South

Senggigi Beach Town and Resort

Senggigi is the most developed tourist area on Lombok. You
can find variety of tourism attraction and tourism facilities such as
Restaurant, cafe, discothèques, Bars, which is line up on the street.
Cafes and restaurants most located on the main beach road and the
beaches is safe for swim. Most of visitor start their visit and stay at
Senggigi, the oldest famous tourist resort area. In last three years
Senggigi has improved significantly.


The future tourism development. Travelling down south, past
Lembar harbour, the landscape is stunning beauty, with rolling hils on
the left and small rural villages sheltering in green valleys. On the
right, the ocean streches out, sparkling blue blue in the clear
sunshine. which each corner you turn in the twisting coastal road, new
vistas greet you. Reaching Sekotong and the township of Taun, the ocean
pools into a beautiful large bay that sweeps in a majestic arc of clean
white sand and turquoise water. Sekotong area are waiting to be explorer
as a new tourism area on Lombok.
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