Places of Interest in Denpasar, Bali

Denpasar is Bali's capital city. Although the modern centre of
government departments, international banks, and many other offices, it
still retains its unique Balinese personality. This is strongly felt and
clearly seen in its many temples, universities and pleasant gardens,
which still maintain their presence and influence. Denpasar has the Pura
Jagatnatha, a temple dedicated to Bali's Supreme God, Sang Hyang Widi.
There are interesting statues of a turtle and two mystical dragons in
the temple, signifying the foundation of the world. The Pura's awesome
architecture resembles that of Balinese palace. It has now been
converted into a museum housing a fine collection of prehistoric and
modern art. The famous 4th century Pura Maospahit, is right next to Pura

There is also an interesting place like; the
government-supervised art centre, Sanggraha Kriya Hasta, which also home
to a tremendous variety of handicraft and works of art. Taman Wedhi
Budaya, meanwhile, is an arts centre with occasional exhibits of
paintings, crafts and carvings, and holds traditional dances every
evening. It is also the host of the annual Bali Arts Festival in June to
July, with performances, exhibitions, art contest, and other activities
of artistic nature.

The main street of Denpasar start with Gajah Mada Street in the
west, Surapati Street in the centre, followed by Hayam Wuruk Street and
ends as Raya Sanur Street in the east. There are many things of history
and culture to see. The Puputan Square, with its heroic Catur Mukha,
fondly commemorates the Balinese's suicidal stand against the Dutch.
Until today, it is touchingly, a popular meeting place for locals in the

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