Places of Interest in Klungkung, Bali

Bali's smallest district Klungkung is located between Gianyar and
Karangasem, and includes the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and
Ceningan. Klungkung itself is a bustling town. Based on the decree of
the Governor of Bali Province on 1993 number 528, Nusa Penida in one of
with also fixed as a tourist resort in Bali. And then base of the
Regency of Klungkung Government on 1996 decree number 284 there are 18
tourist object in the regency inclusive Nusa Penida. On reaching the
town centre. Klungklung was the base of the ancient Javanese Hindu
Kingdom in Bali, from where the Balinese royalty of today draws its
bloodline. It is the oldest kingdom in Bali, with a most exalted Kings.
The famous Kertha Gosa or Royal Court of Justice was built in Klungklung
in the 18th century, displays one of Bali's masterpieces. It has a
wonderfully made ceiling displaying one of Bali's masterpieces (murals
portraying the punishment of hell and the rewards of heaven, and
elaborated in thousands of panels of puppets) all on the ceiling.
Klungklung's golden glory is forever captured in its floating pavilion,
elaborate garden, and charming lotus ponds. Klungklung satisfies one's
wish of returning to the glory of the ancient past.

Klungkung has played a most important role in Bali's history. It
was the seat of rule of Bali's history. It also seat of rule of Bali's
most powerful dynasty of rajas, Dewa Agung, under whom the island was
united during a glorious period of rich cultural influence. Gajah Mada,
head of Majapahit, pacified and united Bali towards the end of the 13th
century, incorporating the island into the Majapahit Empire. He set king
Kepakisan, the first Dewa Agung "Great Deity". To rule over the island
from his court at Samprangan, near the present town of Klungkung.
Several generations later this seat of power was removed to nearby
Gelgel, where it established much authority and prestige under the
fourth succeeding Dewa Agung
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