Places of Interest in Amlapura, Bali

Amlapura is east Bali's major transport terminal and so, well
connected to all parts of Bali. It was known as Karangasem until 1963,
when the mighty Agung volcano unfortunately, erupted with spectacular
force and even more spectacular damage. So, Karangasem underwent a name
change and was "reborn" as Amlapura to rid itself of any "unlucky"
association, which might provoke a much-feared recurrence. The old Puri
Agung Karangasem Palace was once the seat of the past King of
Karangasem. The visitors can walk around the old palace. The ruins of
the Taman Ujung water Palace are conveniently located 3km south of
Amlapura. When visiting Amlapura, it is best to stay at Tirta Gangga,
not because of any spectacular eruptions, but for the sake of comfort
and luxury.

The main attraction of Amlapura is its traditional palaces or
puri. There is a western, a northern, a southern and an eastern puri as
well as several others, all still occupied by members of the royal
family. Of these, only the Puri Kangin (the eastern palace) on the main
road to the market is easily visited. This is worth a look, as it gives a
vivid impression of how local royals used to live. The palace buildings
themselves are in fact an eccentric blend of Chinese and European
details set in what is essentially a traditional Balinese compound with
several pavilions and room surrounded by pools and connected by walk
ways. The main hall is called the "Bale London" and the furniture
curiously bears the crest of the British royal family. One can even rent
rooms here the perfect accommodation for the aspiring aristocrat.

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