Places of Interest in Singaraja, Bali

The former capital of Bali, Singaraja is located in north Bali, in
the Lovina area, away from the more popular tourist areas and a scenic
three hours drive from the airport. Singaraja has a black sand beach and
is the main town for the Lovina area, famous for its dolphins. Close by
are the Yeh Panas (hot springs) and the Air Sanih (a natural freshwater

The Old Dutch capital of Bali during the colonial era, Singaraja
is a quiet town with some quaint Old Dutch warehouses on the
waterfront. It's easily reached from the south via Bedugul or Kintamani
or from Candidasa in the east. There is some accommodation here but we
would be better to stay at the nearby Lovina Beach only a few kilometers
to the west. Lovina has had a recent spruce up and the gravel beach is
now pristine clean. The town has plenty of accommodation from basic to
good quality and some adequate restaurants.

It was a centre and being the administrative centre of the
islands during the years of Dutch colonialism up to 1953, (now the
capital is in Denpasar, in the south of Bali). We will remains during
Dutch period, there being influence of Chinese and Muslims. In the time
of the Dutch occupation, Singaraja was Bali's main port. But now the
traffic has moved south, leaving the area in peace. Clean, quiet and
culturally distinctive, Singaraja retains a colonial feel.

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