Places of Interest in Legian Beach, Bali

Close to the Kuta action but far enough for some down time, Legian is
less hectic than downtown Kuta but still has a funky nightlife zone.
Legian is a no-holds barred beach where locals, expatriates and tourists
mingle, bargain with the best, play paddle ball and football, indulge
in a massage and manicure, catch up on reading, meditate, exercise.
Legian and Seminyak were small villages a few years ago a short distance
from Kuta.

Over the last few years, accommodation has expanded around
Legian with many simple family-owned guest houses upgraded; complemented
by boutique style hotels and first class hotels. Kuta is literally
five-minute taxi ride away. Sunset is peak time at Legian Beach, when
the beach bars fill up, the football field is at its busiest and the
locals knock off work and wade fully clothed, skirts swirling, into the
waves. Now part of the greater Kuta area, both offer quieter
alternatives and a more sophisticated nightlife scene focusing on
dining-out and socializing rather than full-on partying.

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