Places of Interest in Nusa Dua, Bali

Bali's most prestigious resort area, Nusa Dua is where the tourists
will find international world, class luxury hotels elegantly lining
beautiful white sands. Located on the Bukit peninsula, in the southern
part of Bali, approximately 10 km from the international airport. It is
quiet and exclusive with superb facilities.

Crystal clear water and stretches of white sandy beach of Nusa
Dua makes Nusa Dua a perfect spot for luxurious resorts to which
exhausted the bodies, after a Barong performance at Batubulan and a long
climb of the steps of the Mother Temple Besakih, will want to rest.
Some of the most sumptuous and luxurious hotels in the world find their
home in Nusa Dua Bali. We can tee off into the sunset, while watching
the gentle waves come from the blue sea and caress the banks surrounding
the luscious greens. Tranquil swimming pools under the coconut trees
seem to be one with the distant blue sea. Art galleries and numerous
shops surround them.

Nusa Dua is really about taking it easy and relaxing in total
luxury. As most of the hotels are 5 stars, every comfort is at our
disposal as well as a gorgeous white sand beach. Nusa Dua was designed
for the luxury conscious with a heavy concentration of big name hotels
lining the beautiful white sand beach. The kind of activities on offer
gives a flavor of Nusa Dua. The Bali Golf and Country Club, an
immaculately landscaped 18 holes ocean view course. The Bali
International Lawn Tennis & Lawn Bowls Club next to the Galleria
Nusa Dua a spacious shopping mall with boutiques and up market
restaurants. Close by Chandra Koka Amphitheatre provides a venue for
traditional entertainment including arts festivals like the Nusa Dua
Arts and Culture Festival. Stroll to the northern end of Nusa Dua for
parasailing, jet skis, snorkeling/diving trips or better still, head for
Tanjung Benoa.

Some of the resorts have private beaches but most areas are accessible.
The stretch past the Hilton Resort has been a public beach and during
the wet season, the outer reef there is a popular surf break. At present
we will find some simple warungs selling good food at cheap prices
along this beautiful stretch of white sandy beach that offers excellent
swimming conditions in a protected lagoon.

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