Places of Interest in Harau Valley, West Sumatra, West Sumatra
Harau Valley is located in West Sumatera with 400 m in diameter. The valley with its fresh air, walking through it will make a wonderful trip by seeing its unique granite?s mountain side surrounds the valley.

The height of the granite is from 80 m to 300 m. The view is such an unforgettable one, amaze people who see it. Hikers will love this valley, and those who have ever been here named it as The Indonesian Yosemite. Many people have come here, since they also can see the artifact from Dutch colonialism right by the edge of the Sarasa Bunta water fall, as the living proof that Harau Valley has been visited by people since 1926.

The characteristic of Harau Valley is the rice fields which are surrounded by steeply mountain side with the height of 150 m to 200m, makes people astonished. This view is clearly seen in Harau Valley, 50 Kota Regency, about 47 km from Bukittinggi

Hence, the beauty is also on its highland, where we can find the 270, 5 acre nature preservation area and wild life reserve established since January 10, 1993. There are millions of species of tropical rain forest and Sumatera extinct animal such as monkey with the long tail (Macaca fascirulatis), frequently seen in this area.

This kind of monkeys is not wild and they like to wander around among visitors. Nevertheless, one should be cautious since they sometimes make such an unpredictable action. Sometimes they take the visitor?s food or carry-on bag, and even scratch people. When we look at the steep mountain side, we can see the colorful granite such as reddish, white, purple and blue.

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