Places of Interest in Seram, Maluku
Seram is the largest island in southern Maluku Province, and according to local beliefs it is the "Nusa Ina" or Mother Island where all the people of Central Maluku once came from.
The island is very mountainous and includes 3027m Gunung Binaya, the highest mountain in all Maluku.
Needless to say, it offers excellent (but hard) trekking opportunities, the best known of which is a long trek right across the island through Manusela National Park.
An added bonus is the island's unique birdlife which includes several endemic species, though is not always easy to spot.
For the less energetic, Seram's main attraction is beautiful Sawai village on the northern coast, with its gorgeous setting at the foot of towering cliffs, nice accommodation, good snorkelling and interesting off-shore islands.

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