Places of Interest in Wamena, PAPUA
It’s known as the Baliem valley with 1554 meters above sea level, about
60 km long and 16 km wide encircled by mountain peaks. The tribes of the
Baliem Valley are usually ground together under the name “Dani”. The
Dani farmers, skillfully working their fertile land, digging long
ditches for irrigation and drainage and leaving the land fallow between
crops. Beside it, Lani tribes also interest to visit.
Baliem Valley
Festival, The festival is one of the most unique cultural richness
assets in Indonesia located in Wamena-Baliem Valley, Every year since
1990, the Jayawijaya Regency administration organizes the Baliem Valley
Cultural Festival ahead of the Aug between 8-14, the festival has always
attract hundred even thousand international tourist.

The Yali
Tribe of the Central Highland, Great distance and rugged terrain
separate the Yali area from Dani in the Baliem valley. The Yali people
live in the virgin forest, glistening waterfall and rocky mountain
terrains. They are shorter than Dani people and also has different
social structure. The men use “Koteka” or penis gourd with gyratory
rattan around their waist while women wear short grass skirts.
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