Places of Interest in Maumere, West & East Nusa Tenggara
A port town on the northeastern coast of Flores and a stopover on the way to Ende or to Larantuka.

It is well connected by air with Kupang, Denpasar, and Ujung
Pandang, and noted for its good beaches. The bay of Maumere is
considered the best diving spot (Floras-Marine Resort ) as it promises
extremely rich marine life. The resort- is a paradise for all divers,
underwater photographers, and for everyone interested in marine biology.

Ledalero museum at the outskirts of Maumere has an interesting
collection of ethnological objects from the region. Visitors are welcome
but advance arrangements should be made. Ledalero is also a name of a
major catholic Seminary from where many of Florinese priests originated.
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