Places of Interest in Ende, West & East Nusa Tenggara
East Nusa Tenggara's natural wonder and
one of Indonesia'a most mysterious and dramatic sights that can be found
on top of this mountain, some 66 km from Ende, or 83 km from Maumere.
It has a unique and spectacular view on its three crater lakes with
their respective colours. The colours, however, have changed continually
since the eruption of Mount Iya in Ende in 1969.

The surrounding villages are good places serving as bases for
visits to Kelimutu, particularly those who wish to have a more leisurely
pace and en joy the views along the road between Ende and Maumere, or
spend more time in Kelimutu. Those little villages are also known for
their excellent weaving-all hand-made, still using natural dyes
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