Places of Interest in Mount Papandayan, Java Island
Papandayan Mountain is situated on the island of Java, at 732' S and
10773'E, rising 2.665 m. Papandayan Mountain is one of the natural
wonder in West-Java. Papandayan is a complex strata volcano with four
large summit craters, the youngest of which was breached to the NE by
collapse during a brief eruption in 1772 and contains active fumarole
fields. This interesting place lies in the border of the Bandung and
Garut regencies, about seventy kilometers south of Bandung and about
19,25 km from Garut. It is one if the most spectacular volcanoes in this
province and the top of the mountain are easily reaches, because there
are special road leading to the crater. Mount Papandayans crater is
probably one of the most spectacular mountain scenes on Java Island.
There is a Cangkuang temple situated by Cangkuang Lake, which was a
major discovery of archaeological value as it was the first of its kind
found in West Java, dating back to the 8th century. This volcano is
situated 17 km from Garut or 50 km from Bandung.
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