Places of Interest in Dieng Plateau, Java Island

Dieng Volcanic Complex (also called the Dieng Plateau) is a complex
volcano. A complex volcano is an extensive assemblage of spatially,
temporally, and genetically related major and minor volcanic centers
with the associated lava flows and pyroclastic rocks. This is another
place worth visiting in Central Java, situated around 2000 m above sea
level and 100 km from Borobudur. This area northwest of Yogyakarta is in
the volcanic mountains and over 2,000 meters elevation. The name
"Dieng" means "abode of the gods." There the visitor can find restarted
temples build around year 800, colorful lakes and steaming ones. On the
road we will see how the farmer use all the land available by using
terraces. It's also fresher up here and we are almost above the clouds.
The plateau, located 2,093 meters above sea level, offers two sunrises,
the golden sunrise and the silver sunrise. Both are equally amazing
natural phenomena. The golden sunrise refers to the first sunrise
between 5:30 and 6 a.m. It is said to be golden because of its sparkling
golden red color. We can enjoy this sunrise from a viewing post at a
height of 1,700 meters above sea level in Wonosobo. The place, located
in a mountainous area, is easily accessible because the roads leading to
this area are all paved.

After savoring the beauty of the double sunrise, a natural
phenomenon perhaps found only on Dieng Plateau, we could still enjoy the
beauty of the surrounding nature. Walk about 10 minutes over a distance
of some two kilometers to the southeast of the temple where there is a
colorful lake. From the top of a hill the lake reflects a greenish
yellow color, the reflection of the sulfate acid that the lake water
contains. Beside this colorful lake there is another lake with pristine
water. Locals call it the mirror lake because the water is very clear.
The surface of the lake water also reflects sunlight. Unfortunately,
this beautiful morning panorama is slightly impaired by the rampant
felling of trees around the lakes. Unless the tree feeling is checked,
this beautiful panorama will soon vanish for good.

Beside the beautiful panorama above, there is also small
monuments, which are not more than 50 feet high stand on a crater floor
amidst sulfurous fumes and underlined by the presence of a few of the
starkest Shivaite temples at an elevation of more than 6.000 feet, are
impressive. The site is located four hours from Semarang. In this site,
the visitor will see some of the oldest Hindu temples of Java. On the
way to the Dieng Plateau, visitors will pass through tobacco plantations
and beautiful mountain scenery. This area can reach about four hours
from Semarang, the site of some of the oldest Hindu temples on Java.
These 50m-foot high monuments stand on a crater floor amidst sulfur
fumes. The road to the Dieng Plateau passes through tobacco plantations
and beautiful mountain scenery.

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