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Anai Waterfall is located between Padang and Bukittinggi. This waterfall is about 25 meter high and has cool and clear water. It is easy to notice this gorgeous waterfall because it is located on the side of the main road to Bukittinggi. During weekends, Anai Waterfall is extremely busy with people taking pictures of themselves with the waterfall as their background.

Anai waterfall located in the street connecting Padang City dan City of Bukittinggi, two cities that are centers for the governance, economic growth, and tourism in theProvince of West Sumatera. The location is Righ in the side streets, creating waterfalls is able to attract the tourists both local and foreign tourist. Waterfall is included in nature conservation areas Anai Valley.

The beauty of the panorama that emanated Anai Waterfall with the "image of nature" that is still beautiful to support the increase in tourist visits to West Sumatera. Therefore, the Regional Government of the Province of West Sumatera tourism through the Office of the object set tour Anai Valley as one of the icons of tourism in the province.

Source of the waterfall comes from Mount Singgalang. Crystal clear water flowing through the hill slopes, and continue through reserve before Anai Valley up to the edge of steep cliffs. From this edge, the flow of water and then plunge to the valley that has a base elevation of 50 meters and form a crater sump. Down with water that quickly follow each other and
splash water fog. Fog is formed cluster of beautiful colorful light on the sun shine.