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Pagaralam is a major tourist destination in the area of South Sumatera Province, Indonesia. In addition to having a beautiful  nature, the air is so cool, there is something very interesting to study the culture. Pagaralam has a culture potenstial based on mathematics. This article contains an overview of the relationship between mathematics and Pagaralam culture, in terms of the time division and division system. The existence of several customs or customs has been carried out continously in the culture of society without realizing it is an idea related to mathematics known as ethnomathematics. Matematics learning in school using cultural contexts can lead to the interest and curiousity of learners to learn math and can help learners to achieve a character education as well as to continue a good culture to the next generation and motivate learners to connect math to the real world.

Known as the land of a thousand waterfalls and megaliths, Pagar Alam is a hidden gem found in the hills of South Sumatra. This small unassuming city is relatively unknown to foreign visitors, which makes it an ideal destination for exploring before it gets too touristy. While we were there, we only met 1 foreign solo traveller from New York!

Pagar Alam is located 298km from the city of Palembang, and is completely surrounded by breathtaking hills and mountain ridges. If you need some fresh air away from the city and crowds, Pagar Alam is an awesome alternative destination.

Pagaralam is a city on the eastern part of South Sumatra Province. It is really close to the border with Bengkulu Province. Pagaralam is a city located on the highland, some part of it is on the slope of Mount Dempo. Consequently, you can find lots of beautiful mountainous spots in Pagaralam.

From the tea plantation to the top of the mountain, Pagaralam promises a wonderful journey to whoever is willing to explore it. Here are some of the most interesting spots in Pagaralam, South Sumatra.

The site is named after the village it’s located on. There are lots of historic artifacts like stone sculptures and rock carvings. The artifacts spread around the village and not all of them are protected. If you are into history, this is the best place to ‘hunt’ for ancient ruins. However, please refrain from moving or taking those artifacts.