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There are no dangers on the ground or in the sea. The village is frequently visited by monkeys, wild boars at night, monitor lizards... all very shy, distant and harmless. Water is drinkable everywhere including in the bathrooms. The water is diverted down to the resort from a source in the hill ; its quality has been tested and measured in Western Europe and in Indonesia and a bottling and selling permit was extended to the resort (although such permit is not used).

There is no malaria in this part of Sumatra, absolutely none on the island, no dengue fever either.

The sea temperature is constant at 29 degrees Celsius both on the surface and down to 30 meters, making snorkelling and diving activities particularly enjoyable.

Cubadak is of volcanic origin, has an area of 15 square km, is uninhabited except for a few isolated fishermen's huts at the northern tip of the island, and is completely covered by a native rainforest. Various bird spieces and larger animals live in this forest: hornbills, king fishers, monkeys, monitor lizards, deers, wild boars and many others.

2 treks through the jungle are at clients disposal to come closer to this dense nature and enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Cubadak Island is completely surrounded by a coral reef and in the sea live innumerable varieties of coloured reef fishes. As the resort is facing mainland Sumatra and turning its back to the open sea, the waters bordering our Village are sheltered and completely free of waves, which facilitates the practice of water activities.

Cubadak island, whose name has popularly worldwide and becomes an icon of South Coastal District has an area of ??5749 square km and it’s located at 0-1000 meters above sea level. With the position extends from north to south in the western part of West Sumatra, which has 218 km coastal length of the beach does have potential in tourism. Cubadak is a paradise for divers and the seafloor surrounding the island is covered with coral-reefs, which are beautiful and colorful.