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Pulau Weh may provide one of Indonesia’s greatest island getaways.

Poking off Sumatra’s northern coast, an hours boat journey from Banda Aceh, Pulau Weh has everything you could want from a holiday.

Situated at the entrance way of the Malacca Strait, Weh Island is naturally untouched despite its small size and convenient access. It is another garden often forgotten. Diving in Weh Island is a well established recreational activity. Dive masters and dive instructors are ready to offer a variety of dive sites like the fabled Sea Garden in Rubiah Island. You'll find many delightful sea creatures, most notably manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins and sea turtles. Come and enjoy a swing on a shady hammock by the high tide hut in an island that many divers call it the unparalleled underwater universe. Although it is a small island, it gives you the sea experience and waterfall up in the rain forest as well.

So getting to Pulau Weh is easily accessible from the main land. Surrounding the island is the beautiful Andaman Sea, with its 50 shades of blue and incredible underwater life. For such a small island, there is plenty of things to do on Pulau Weh. From exploring the beautiful nature to eating the freshest of seafood – you will be kept busy while at Sabang. And the best part is that Pulau Weh is incredibly affordable, which means you can stay longer and enjoy more of its natural beauty.

No trip to Pulau Weh is complete without going snorkeling or diving – Pulau Weh is a diver’s mecca. The underwater world around Pulau Weh is quite fascinating with an active marine life…and there are SO MANY dive sites to explore. And the best part is that the sites are not overcrowded with tourists so you can snorkel and dive in peace.

Diving Pulau Weh is definitely a great way to see this world, but it is very important to note that it is best to ensure you go with a reputable company on the island. It is worth paying that bit extra to ensure safety is of the highest standard. In fact, we spoke to a couple who went diving with a no-name diving company at Pulau Weh and their boat capsized. Thankfully they are safe, but still things could have gone worse.

Go Beach Hopping
All around the island there are many beaches to explore and spend some time swimming and/or snorkeling. There are several places all around the island which boast white sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters. Plus many also are home to some fantastic swimming, snorkelling and diving activities.